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Social media is deeply ingrained into most people's daily lives. Everyone and their mother wants to share everything and anything on their personal timelines. But whether this is Facebook, Instragram or any other social media platform, for some reason, people have started to think it is a good idea to share their CRIMES as well.

Well, common sense would dictate that it is not a good idea for obvious reasons. Actually, it is an awful idea. Someone might alert the police directly of your crimes because posting about your unlawful acts leaves a DIGITAL TRAIL that will catch up to you anyway.

So why do people post illegal behavior to social media? Two words: bragging rights. This is a large reason as to why people are so quick to post things without thinking. They post pictures and announcements about how they did this or that, so why not talk about an unlawful act or two while they are at it? This is beyond foolish.

Ingrain this into your mind right now - anything you put online NEVER truly goes away. It stays there forever. It is saved forever. Even if you delete a Facebook post bragging about that thing you stole, there are ways to recover it. And services like Snapchat that automatically delete posts after a certain amount of time? That information is still stored and can be recovered if law enforcement requests.

For law enforcement, social media has become a goldmine for “free” evidence and clues. People have made it easier for investigators to find everything they could potentially need to charge you for a crime.

At the end of the day, you must be mindful of what you post on social media. The bottom line is every single post you make can end up coming back to bite you. You are making it too easy for law enforcement to follow your trail of clues. The law will find you if you leave that digital trail carelessly.

Before you post something, always ask yourself: can I get in trouble for this (especially with the law)? If the answer is yes, don’t even think about sharing it with others. Not everything is meant to be shared, after all.

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